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Office Business Centers Benefit by Outsourcing Asset Management
By Jon Hile, VP of National Sales & Business Development for CORT

Office business center managers often serve businesses in flux and must be able to react nimbly to changing market dynamics and opportunities. While many companies consider owning furniture a necessity and overlook rental options, furniture rental is emerging as a best practice for office business center (OBC) managers interested in new ways to manage costs and improve operational efficiency while adding value for their customers.

After considering the total life-cycle cost of furniture ownership and flexibility of rental furniture, an organization can clearly identify the benefits of furniture rental.  Furniture rental provides the flexibility for OBCs to adjust furniture inventory to precisely meet the needs of their customers without the burden of storing, managing and repairing excess furniture.

By outsourcing the procurement and management of furniture, OBCs can instead use financial and human resources to invest in their core business. Outsourcing this process provides furniture “on-demand,” delivered and removed as needed with no capital investment, alleviating a major cost and distraction.

CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the only national furniture rental provider and serves as a strategic partner for OBC managers focused on supporting the mobile workforce.

Investing in a depreciating asset does not typically make good financial sense. For example, almost all companies that provide employee cars use leasing arrangements. In the same way, renting furniture allows companies to outsource the disposition of this depreciating asset when it is no longer needed or an upgrade is desired.

CORT has relationships with many OBCs across the country and these centers are benefiting by partnering with CORT for flexible management of furniture inventory. CORT offers the inventory and expertise to help furnish any space with professionalism, personal style and flexibility in mind.

Finding the right furniture asset manager for your business is a smart strategic move. CORT’s combination of national scope, international reach and customer service excellence makes them a valuable business partner for organizations of all sizes. 

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